TKO (desktop) consistent format service

The TKO stylesheet service

In the TKO stylesheet service level 1 we:

  • Review the formatting in your current TKO database
  • Build into your database a copy of our Q-TemplateTM stylesheet
  • Reformat all topics in your database using the stylesheet so that they all look consistent
  • Give you a 30 min webinar on how to continue using the stylesheet in TKO

In the TKO stylesheet service level 2 we also:

  • Give you two Microsoft Word document templates with great stylesheets that make creating forms and other documents a breeze
  • Create a letterhead with your logo and business details in the Microsoft Word templates

What are Stylesheets?

Did you know that most documentation software, including TKO and Microsoft Word, have a stylesheet system? A stylesheet enables you to consistently typeset all of your documents with just a few clicks or keystrokes.

Stylesheets have a double benefit:

  • They provide instant typesetting, taking this labour away from writers so that they can concentrate on writing words.
  • They guarantee consistent formatting everywhere.

As professional documentation writers, we always create a stylesheet before we start writing. This way our client only has to pay us for what we write. It already looks good before we start work!

You don't have to be a professional writer to use a stylesheet. All writers deserve to have them. TKO has a powerful stylesheet system. The Q-Template stylesheet includes styles for all text, paragraph and list types that you need for your operations manual. This project pack includes the stylesheet and we help you use it to best advantage.

Before and After demonstration

When we went to create a demonstration, we suddenly remembered that all of our clients' documents are confidential, and so we didn't really have anything to use.

Instead, our Before and After demonstration has some handy business tips from people who provide documents free of charge. In the Before example we created it to look like documents we have seen that were not style-controlled. Then we applied the stylesheet to them for the After version.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles as well as viewing the amazing difference that our stylesheet service can make.

View the text BEFORE stylesheet service (Opens in a new tab or window)

View the text AFTER stylesheet service (Opens in a new tab or window)

We could decide to change the appearance. Since we now have a stylesheet, it takes only a few minutes to change it everywhere in the manual. View the text AFTER stylesheet service, with a different look (Opens in a new tab or window)

The Microsoft Word template

Here is an example of a form that we created with the Q-TemplateTM Microsoft Word template. You can create a form like this in as little as 5 minutes!