What do you need to do?

Create a systems manual

Make your team independent of you.

Prepare for certification

ISO 9001, AS NZS 4801, ISO 14001

Manage your issues and tasks

Improve quality. Let no issue be forgotten.

Develop a procedure or workflow

Design, document, test, measure and train.

Our products and services

Q-Template™— a framework and lots of pre-written documents ready to adopt or adapt for your business systems manual, available for Confluence or TKO.

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Consultancy—Confluence wiki, the perfect tool for a centrally controlled intranet procedure manual or a collaborative workplace where team members share in creating the store of business knowledge.

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Consultancy—TKO business modeller, enabling you to efficiently create an intranet-based procedure manual for your documented business system and to measure performance.

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For free information and training about how to document your business, read or subscribe to our blog.

Our documentation and training services include research, information gathering, document design, authoring, editing and publishing in multiple formats. We can also train your team members to do these things.

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Consultancy Project Packs for Confluence wiki software or TKO business modeller software— Combine Q-Template and consultancy services to help you on your way towards creating great intranet-based policy & procedure manuals.

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For current TKO (desktop) users: Make your policy & procedure manuals look fantastic and stay that way! Use our TKO Consistent format service.

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