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How we work with you

Our focus is on design and training
Business documents
Software, hardware and technical manuals
Taming your documents
How we work with you
Which tools? Which output?

For business our focus is on design and training

Your team members need written instructions that suit the way they think. Who best to write that? Your team members themselves, of course!

We are experts at discovering your needs and working out how to organise and format your information. We then coach your team members in writing the details. They may not be expert writers, but we can train them in plain language writing and improve their skills—writing instructions is not rocket science. Seriously, it is not in your best interests for us to write all of your detailed information. Your team members know much more about their jobs than we do. We can help through training and by reviewing their writing for clarity, consistency and the correct use of plain language.

If you REALLY want us to write stuff for you, we will, of course. We generally do end up writing some material for our clients, but the more your in-house team members do, the more they will own and use the material.

Business documents

We design and produce or help your team to produce:

  • Documented business systems
  • Integrated quality, safety and environmental management manuals
  • PowerPoint® slide presentations for briefings
  • Company profiles and brochures
  • Reports and submissions
  • Position descriptionsGo to top

Software, hardware and technical manuals

We design and produce reference manuals, user guides and training materials.

We love documenting complex scientific and technical material.

We can act as user advocates for software, helping your developers with screen layout and user interface design issues.Go to top

Taming your documents

We are experts at converting existing documents into consistent maintainable form and educating team members to use the system that we devise.

We can, for example:

  • Establish a set of predefined styles for your existing Word documents and educate your team members about them
  • Develop PDF versions of your documents customised for easy on-screen reading
  • Web-publish your documents in Confluence or another wiki or in HTML for your website, intranet or a CD-ROM
  • Convert your existing documents to Confluence, TKO, Author-it®, FrameMaker® or another documentation tool
  • Establish a structure for your documents so that you can easily move to XMLGo to top

How we work with you

We work with your readers or users in mind, researching their needs as part of our preparation and structuring documents accordingly.  We don't just produce a catalogue of your information.

We can perform some or all documentation steps, including research, collecting, collating, writing, editing, proofreading and production.

We can be 'writers in residence' during your quality, environment or safety documentation process, helping your team members to produce the documentation but empowering them to own and maintain the documents they produce.

We can help you promote the use of plain English in all areas of your organisation.Go to top

Which tools? Which output?

Which documentation software?

We can use Confluence, TKO, Word, Author-it® FrameMaker® or other software by arrangement. Documents that we produce are easy to convert to XML

Electronic documents (on-screen)

We can produce electronic versions of your work in

  • HTML (Web pages: Internet or intranet)
  • PDF (Portable document format) files
  • HTML Help

Printed documents

We can produce

  • Laser printed paper masters for photocopy or
  • PostScript® or PDF output files for electronic delivery to a printery

We can also arrange high quality printing at competitive rates.  Go to top